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Friday, 9th March 2012
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Cherry blossom set to bloom in Kyoto

Beautiful cherry blossoms are set to attract plenty of locals and sightseers when they bloom sometime between late March and early April.

Cherry Blossom Viewing or Hanami takes place along Philosopher's Path in Kyoto.

This shady trail is the most popular place to catch the blossoming flowers, reports What's On When.

Walking along the trail alongside a canal will be plenty of hand-holding couples as the flowers are a beautiful sight.

In fact as soon as the first blossom starts to open, sightseers rush from near and far to catch their beauty, while the progress of the flowers is discussed on Japanese TV.

Photographers also descend on the path in droves to take stunning snaps of the blossoms.

A cherry blossom is the flower of any of several types of Prunus trees, particularly the Japanese Cherry tree.

Sometimes they are called Sakura after the Japanese. Not every species of cherry blossom produces fruit as many have been cultivated for ornamental use only.

Written by Susan Ballion