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Friday, 17th January 2014
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Ice wall forms in Yatsugatake mountains

Photographers have been flocking to the Yatsugatake mountains to the north of Tokyo in order to take snaps of an enormous ice wall, an annual winter occurrence found in Minamimachi Village in the Nagano prefecture.

During the warmer months, water trickles down from between the rocks, but this freezes solid during the winter to create a dramatic natural display of giant icicles seemingly defying gravity from the cliff.

The structures are even more spectacular this year, with the unusually cold weather since the start of the New Year causing them to grow more than 100 metres in width and 20 metres in height.

While Japan's bustling cities are undoubtedly a strong draw for many tourists, its natural beauty is equally enviable.

Other beautiful natural sights include the bamboo forest of Saga-Arashiyama near Kyoto and of course Mount Fuji which can be seen from Tokyo on a clear day.

Written by Mark Smith


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