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Tuesday, 4th August 2009
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The weird and wonderful world of Japanese ice cream

Sweet-treat loving Brits planning a holiday to Japan may be interested to hear that there are a number of weird and wonderful ice cream flavours to be sampled in the country.

Blogging on Weird Asia News, DanBing says that the Japanese "see things a little differently" when it comes to ice cream flavours.

While the western world may tend to eat more sweet flavours, such as chocolate, in Japan, people can get ice cream that tastes of eel, chicken wings and even snake.

"Whether sweet or savory, animal, vegetable, or even mineral, just about any ingredient is worth a try," the blogger notes.

They go on to say that vegetables now often feature in Japanese ice cream, with flavours including tomato, potato or fried eggplant.

On top of this, visitors to Japan may be surprised by ice cream tastes such as octopus or crab, or even traditional Japanese flavours such as miso and soy sauce.

Japanese cuisine is known for its heavy use of fish and rice.

Dishes such as sushi have gained popularity outside Japan and are now popular around the globe.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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