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Monday, 20th January 2014
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Visitors to Japan rise above 10 million

More than ten million people visited the nation of Japan from abroad in 2014, making it the first time that the government's annual goal of hosting this number of people has ever been reached.

This is according to the Japan National Tourism Organization, which claims statistics showing 864,600 foreigners enjoyed a holiday in Japan last month (December 2014), pushing the numbers more than 300,000 over the target.

A meeting called on Friday (January 17th) hosted by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe set out a number of goals with the expressed intention of raising annual visitor numbers beyond 20 million over the next few years - something the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is likely to assist with.

The figures from 2013 were said to be inflated thanks to adjustments in visa restrictions for visitors from Southeast Asia, while the declining yen also contributed as foreign visitors found prices tipping in their favour.

Written by Mark Smith


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