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Monday, 18th November 2013
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Japanese anime exhibition a hit in China

An exhibition revolving around the popular Japanese anime Neon Genesis Evangelion has proven popular in China, with fanatics queuing around the block on Saturday (November 16th ) when the event opened in Shanghai for the first time.

Commonly referred to as Evangelion, the anime features an action packed fantasy storyline that has gained a global fanbase, with people across the world tuning in to follow the adventures of the main characters.

The exhibition in Shanghai is the first large event of its type to celebrate the cartoon, and includes a number of items on display including a machine controlled model of the main character's head.

Fans can also climb onto a motorcycle modelled on the ones that appear in the series and have their picture taken.

Thousands of enthusiasts turned out on the day to witness the exhibition, with many getting into the spirit of the occasion by dressing up as their favourite characters from the anime.

It has been speculated that the high attendance rate and Evangelion's popularity in China might be down to fundamental differences in Japanese and Chinese animes.

An unnamed university student from the Zhejiang province told the Japan Times: "Japanese anime drawings are very beautiful and different from that of Chinese anime."

Japan is currently playing host to a number of exhibitions based around the Evangelion series, with one such event showcasing 1,300 materials related to the cartoon at Matsuya Ginza.

Earlier this month, a travelling sword exhibition drummed up record interest when it featured a number of weapons based on those that have appeared in the anime, with fans flocking to buy tickets for the display.

If you are travelling to Japan to sample its vibrant cartoon scene, be sure to stop off in Akihabara, the city's self-proclaimed electric town, where you will find a concentration of shops and all-night cafes devoted to the subject.

Written by Mark Smith


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