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Tuesday, 15th December 2009
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China and Japan work to strengthen ties

Leaders from Japan and China have met as part of ongoing efforts by the two nations to strengthen ties.

Yukio Hatoyama, the prime minster of Japan, met with vice-president of China Xi Jinping yesterday (December 14th) in Japan, and pictures published in the China Daily show the pair shaking hands for the camera.

At the meeting, Hatoyama said that the visit is a "great thing" for ongoing relations between the two countries, who have historically been at odds with one another.

Commenting on issues such as Tibet and Taiwain, the Japanese prime minster said that the country respects China's views, and also invited the nation to join with Japan and form an East Asian Community.

However, the diplomatic trip caused much controversy, as it broke with protocol which has been observed for almost ten years in Japan.

The Chinese vice-president also met with the Japanese Emperor, but instead of sending a request for the meeting a month in advance, as per usual rules, China only sent the request on November 26th - and it was initially refused.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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