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Friday, 24th September 2010
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China introduces metal exports ban to Japan

It is reported that China has placed an unofficial ban on the export of some metals to Japan following a dispute between the two nations.

The New York Times reports that China has taken steps to stop rare earth metals being sent to Japan and that it could have an impact of the country's ability to produce a range of high-tech goods.

Figures suggest that China currently produces around 97 per cent of the rare earth metal in the world, with the materials used to make products such as iPods.

It remains unclear whether China's actions are related to an incident over a Chinese fisherman being held in Japan after being caught in disputed territory or due to export restrictions introduced a few months ago.

China's ministry of commerce denied the allegations and claimed that no bans are in place.

A ministry spokesman explained: "China has not issued any measures intended to restrict rare earth exports to Japan. There is no foundation for that.

"I don't know how the New York Times came up with this, but it's not true."

In a separate incident, Chinese state media are reporting four Japanese people are currently being detained in China after potentially illegally filming in a military zone.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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