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Monday, 26th April 2010
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Toyota considers small car launch for China

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota is mulling over the possibility of launching small, low-cost vehicles in China.

Rival firm Honda is also looking into the possibility of releasing compact cars to the Chinese market after both companies saw sales of their other models increase last year.

China is seen as a key market for both manufacturers and although they both saw sales jump, they were less than half of the overall market growth rate of 46 per cent.

Masahiro Kato, president of Toyota's China business, said at the Beijing Auto Show last week that there is a good chance that the company's sales in the country will exceed 800,000 units.

The company boosted its production in China to 79,757 and the release of a small model could see this increase in the near future.

Toyota recently announced that it is investigating potential issues with its GX 460 SUV model after safety concerns were raised by a Consumer Reports article in the US.

Written by Mark Smith

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