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Monday, 22nd March 2010
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Nintendo consoles join Japanese curriculum

Schoolchildren in Japan could soon be the envy of youngsters all over the globe after an announcement saying that Nintendo DS consoles are to be used in the country's classrooms.

DS consoles are set to be used as an educational tool in elementary and junior high schools, general manager of Nintendo Entertainment Shigeru Miyamoto told the Associated Press last week.

Mr Miyamoto is certainly a legend in the gaming sector and is the man behind characters including Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong.

Speaking to the source, he said that encouraging schools to use gaming systems in the classroom is "maybe the area where I am devoting myself most".

Popular games on the Nintendo DS include Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training, which uses mathematics tests and other games to try and deduce the age of a users brain and then helps them lower the age.

Famous faces including Nicole Kidman can be seen enjoying the game on the company's adverts.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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