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Monday, 1st March 2010
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Toyota chief heads to China

The boss of Japanese car firm Toyota is to visit China to meet with officials and discuss the company's ongoing recall problems.

Over the past few weeks, Toyota has been forced to recall millions of cars after a number of faults were found with vehicles including the Corolla, Prius, Matrix and Tundra models. Cars have been recalled all over the world, in Europe, the US, Asia and South America.

Problems include issues with floor mats in foot wells as well as faulty accelerator pedals.

The meeting in China follows an appearance before US Congress in which Akio Toyoda promised that the firm will put stricter quality checks in place in the future.

Toyoda will speak at a news conference in Beijing tonight (March 1st).

Commenting, industry analyst for Guotai Junan Securities in Beijing Zhang Xin noted the importance of the Chinese market for Toyota.

"It's very important. Toyota in the North American market was almost finished in the short-term, so it has to secure its Asian market. Its biggest market in Asia is China. It must focus on this," he said.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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