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Friday, 4th September 2009
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Hybrid Prius tops sales lists in Japan

The Toyota Prius model continued to be the best-selling car in Japan during August, giving the vehicle its fourth month atop the list.

According to figures from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Toyota shifted more than 21,000 Prius cars last month.

In total, the Japanese firm sold 21,669 of the hybrid vehicles, which has proven to also be popular around the world with eco-conscious motorists.

The car outsold its nearest rival - the Honda Fit compact - by almost double, with this model selling just less than 11,000.

"More consumers are turning to hybrid and compact eco-friendly cars rather than large, gas-guzzling vehicles," said Toshiki Miyake, a spokesman from the Japanese Automobile Dealers Association.

The Toyota Prius, which was the world's first hybrid car, is popular among many celebrities concerned about climate change, with stars such as Cameron Diaz and Leonardo Di Caprio owning the vehicles.

Written by Mark Smith.