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Friday, 4th September 2009
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Walkmans remain popular in Japan

Sony Walkmans outsold the Apple iPod in Japan last week for the first time in four years, new figures have revealed.

According to findings from Japanese electronics research firm BCN, Sony enjoyed a 43 per cent share of the portable music players market in the country last week.

This compared to 42.1 per cent for Apple, which is known for its hi-tech products that appeal to the young and trendy.

However, the figures do not include sales figures for the Apple iPhone, which doubles up as an iPod.

Overall, Sony secured six of the top ten sales positions with different varieties of its classic Walkman, which was first released in the 1980s.

Four of Apple's models, the 8GB Nano, the 16GB iPod Nano, iPod Classic, and iPod Shuffle made up the rest of the list.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Kazuharu Miura said: "Sony has gained customers seeking less expensive products and those seeking high quality by broadening its line-up."

Written by Kimberley Homer