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Friday, 4th September 2009
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Japanese fast food 'healthy, spicy and tasty'

Fast food in Japan is healthy, spicy and tasty, it has been commented.

Writing about her recent trip to the country on, Jessica Marszalek said that few people taking a holiday to Japan for the first time are prepared for the variety of dishes which they will find in the country.

Travelling to both Tokyo and Kyoto recently, Ms Marszalek sampled a huge range of Japanese food and declared fast food in the country to be good for you as well as tasty.

Commenting on a sushi bar, she said: "You may think you know what sushi tastes like, but if your only experiences are at bland shopping centre food bars, you'd be wrong."

She urged travellers to make sure they visit a stand-up sushi bar should they ever go to Japan.

Sushi is one type of Japanese cuisine which has enjoyed popularity throughout the world, with many Western countries home to sushi restaurant chains such as Yo! Sushi.

Written by Kimberley Homer.