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Monday, 24th August 2009
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Japan Airlines eyes potential merger

Asian airline Japan Airlines has announced plans which could see it merge its cargo arm with the same division of a rival firm.

Under the scheme, Japan Airlines' freight business will team up with that of Nippon Cargo Airlines, after Japan Airlines saw its profits fall sharply in the three months up until June.

If the move goes ahead, the team-up would have control of 30 per cent of Japan's international air cargo market, which would make it the biggest provider of cargo movement in the country.

The join-up is set to be fully completed by April 2010.

"Following the collapse of the economy in the United States last autumn, the financial crisis that spread worldwide caused demand for air cargo transport to fall drastically and market situations to worsen," Japan Airlines said in a statement.

Both airlines have already begun to share codes for some cargo flights, it has been noted.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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