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Tuesday, 25th August 2009
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Music scene in Japan 'influenced by Creativeman Productions'

The music scene has changed in Japan over the past few decades with larger audiences opting to visit a live gig venue, it has been reported.

Commenting on this development, the Guardian said Creativeman Productions, one of Tokyo's promotional "powerhouses", is partly responsible.

Indeed, the group was behind the first Japanese tours for the Beastie Boys, Radiohead and Green Day, while it is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Summer Sonic festival, Japan's biggest music event.

The other promotional organisation, Smash, organises Fuji Rock.

However, the cultural differences can sometimes confuse musicians from western Europe.

Paul Rodgers left the stage upset one night when he mistook the typically reserved Japanese crowd for boredom, the newspaper noted.

"Another problem Japanese promoters face is 'hip-hop time'. In a country famous for its pedantic punctuality, the notorious trend of rappers turning up hours - or even days - late is a constant source of confusion," it added.

The Summer Sonic festival featured acts such as Linkin Park, Kasabian and Beyonce.

Written by Kimberley Homer

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