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Monday, 24th August 2009
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Australian lifeguards move to aid Japan

Lifeguards from Australia have been invited to Japan to help educate people over the dangers which could be associated with swimming in treacherous seas or venturing into the water after drinking.

According to the BBC, lifeguards who usually work on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland have been asked to visit Japan to advise locals on how to use the water safely.

The news source noted that each year, hundreds of Japanese people drown due to swimming while drunk, ignoring rules on safety or venturing into areas of the water which are dangerous.

Now, two lifeguards from Maroochydore in Queensland are in Shimoda in Japan and aim to educate those at local swimming clubs.

Director of lifesaving at Yumigahama beach in Japan told the source that safety does need to improve.

"Lifesaving still isn't widespread in Japan, so we need to work harder here," he said.

The two-kilometre Yumigahama beach, in South Izu, is well known for attracting swimmers, as are the nearby hot springs which are popular with tourists.

Written by Mark Smith.