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Wednesday, 3rd February 2010
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New management take over Japan Airlines

The new management team of Japan Airlines have now taken on their new roles.

After taking over the ailing carrier, which is Asia's largest airline, the new team said that it plans to reignite talks with rival airlines after previous discussions failed and the firm was forced to apply for bankruptcy protection.

Japan Airlines has previously been in talks with US carriers Delta Airlines and American Airlines over a potential deal.

"We are continuing discussions, considering it from scratch, without being influenced by the previous talks," said president and chief operating officer at Japan Airlines Masaru Onishi at a news conference.

Among the carrier's new management is 78-year-old Kazuo Inamori, who has replaced former head of the airline Haruka Nishimatsu.

Speaking at the same conference, Mr Inamori said that the new management team wants to "revitalise" the airline and said that a complete turnaround for the company is "fully possible".

Written by Mark Smith.

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