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Monday, 18th May 2009
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Toyota targets 10,000 Prius sales a month

Toyota has set itself the target of selling 10,000 units of its third-generation Prius model every month in Japan.

The automobile giant unveiled the new hybrid vehicle, which will be released in more than 80 countries in total, today and claimed that it is not only more environmentally-efficient than its predecessors, but a better drive as well.

"Like its predecessors, the new Prius remains worthy of its name - Latin for 'to go before' - by being equipped with the latest in TMC hybrid and other environmentally-friendly technology," the firm said.

Also announced by Toyota this week is a new grade, EX, for the second-generation Prius. Replacing the G and S grades, the company hopes that the vehicle will sell 2,000 units a month in total.

As of March 31st, Prius models have launched in over 40 nations, selling more than 1.25 million units overall since the range debuted in 1997.

Written by Susan Ballion

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