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Monday, 18th May 2009
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Shares in mask makers up as swine flu hits Japan

Japanese mask makers performed well in the financial markets over the weekend as the swine flu outbreak hit the country.

Bloomberg reported tgat Japan Vilene and anti-viral fabric manufacturer Daiwabo both saw double-digit increases in their share prices as the number of swine flu cases soared to above 100.

Just a few days ago, only four people had been recorded as being afflicted with the illness.

Tokyo, Hyogo and Osaka are the locations where the majority of the cases have been confirmed.

Prime minister Taro Aso suggested there is no need to panic and that vigilance is the key to handling the spread of the virus and helping people to get better.

"We must be careful, but with quick treatment patients can recover," the Associated Press quoted the premier as saying. "We must respond calmly and appropriately."

Mr Aso added that there are currently no plans to restrict public gatherings.

Written by Chris Trimble

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