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Thursday, 9th April 2009
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Ban on cycling with children 'to be lifted'

A ban on people riding bicycles with two children is to be lifted, the National Police Agency (NPA) has announced.

The body released a report claiming that bikes are a vital means of transportation for people with children, noting that the ban had not been observed by many cyclists, according to the Associated Press.

Allowing parents to cycle with up to two children also has economic benefits, the report added.

Bicycle manufacturers are currently looking at ways of improving safety features to comply with new standards that will insist braking functions are not impeded.

The NPA is encouraging parents to ensure their children wear safety helmets when riding and have also asked the bicycle industry to bring in a safety certification scheme.

Writing in Flak Magazine, James Roth advises those choosing to cycle in Japan to locate flat areas, such as river valleys, to ride on.

"A cyclist can get a good workout by heading into the mountains, but there are fewer roads," he commented.

Written by Graham McPherson

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