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Thursday, 9th April 2009
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London woman embarks on unique trek to Japan

A UK woman has embarked on a journey from London to Tokyo.

What makes Becky Sampson's journey different to that of most holidaymakers is that she will be travelling by pony and following ancient trading routes, reports the Japan Times.

The pair are due to arrive in the Japanese capital in the summer of 2012, after crossing 15 countries and covering over 15,000ft.

Before setting off on her adventure, Ms Sampson remarked: "I have always wanted to travel on the Silk Road and I love horse riding. I have always wanted to do it before mortgage and marriage."

She is equipped with technology that will allow her to chart her progress on her personal web page.

During the trek, she will sleep in a tent and hopes to find work teaching English along the way.

Ms Sampson will also be raising money for SOS Children's Villages, a charity for orphaned and abandoned children.

Written by Mike Cotgreave

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