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Tuesday, 14th April 2009
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University of Tokyo ranked 11th in research citation league

The University of Tokyo has been ranked 11th in a list of institutions cited in global research papers, it has been revealed.

Compiled by the information firm Thomson Reuters, the league table was first published in 2002, reports Kyodo News.

Other Japanese universities featured in the rankings include Kyoto, which reached number 30, Osaka which came in at 34 and Tokoku, which was 64th.

In recent years, the Japan Science and Technology Agency and the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have both seen their number of citations increase.

Meanwhile, Kyoto University came fourth in the field of chemistry.

Recently, the University of Tokyo began its new academic year by welcoming more than 3,000 freshmen at a ceremony held at Nippon Budokan.

Junichi Hamada, university president, commented: "As the driving force of the University of Tokyo's intellectual activities, I would like each of you to become 'tough' Todai students."

Written by Graham McPherson

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