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Friday, 28th March 2008
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Japanese temple confirms purchase of Buddha

A Buddhist temple in Japan has confirmed the purchase of a sculpture of Buddha at an auction in New York.

Purchased by the Tokyo-based Shinnyo-en temple, the depiction of the Supreme Buddha was purchased for a total of £7.23 million amid concerns that the sculpture may be purchased by a foreign bidder, reports AFP.

Also known as Dainichi Nyorai, the Supreme Buddha sculpture is made entirely from the wood of the cypress tree.

"We didn't have special interest in this sculpture until news reports said it may fall in foreign hands at this auction," said priest Seiji Nishikawa, the director of general planning at the temple.

"Even though we see it as the Buddha, our financial resources were limited. The bidding price was close to crossing our limit."

Funding for the temple's purchase was made up of donations from members of the congregation.

Although a major religion in Japan, Buddhism originated in Ancient India; however, Lumbini, the place regarded as the birthplace of Buddha, is located in Nepal.

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