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Friday, 28th March 2008
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Sakura 'comes early' to Japan

The annual arrival of cherry blossom, or sakura as it is known in Japanese, has happened a little earlier than expected.

Although the arrival of sakura was expected, its presence six days ahead of schedule has resulted in what has been described by the Independent as "mass hysteria".

Indeed, differences in when the blossoms are expected and when they actually arrive have actually impacted upon the value of shares, the publication has claimed.

The arrival of sakura in Japan usually heralds the beginning of a number of festivals, not least Tokyo's Hanami, which takes place every year between early and mid-April, according to Lonely Planet.

Under current predictions from the Japan Meteorological Agency, although dates for the region of Hokkaido have not yet been confirmed, the Yahagata and Sendai districts of Honshu can expected to see blossoming sakura around April 10th.