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Friday, 28th November 2014
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Diamond Fuji brings in the tourists

Mount Fuji, Japan's most famous mountain, was at the centre of attention even more than usual earlier this month as tourists were lucky enough to experience the spectacular dazzling display that is Diamond Fuji.

So-named because the sun emerges from behind the mountain, appearing to sit on the peak and gleam dramatically across the skyline, the phenomenon is one of the most incredible natural spectacles you can witness in Japan.

More than 100 people gathered around Lake Yamanaka, one of the five lakes at the foot of the mountain, in order to appreciate this incredible image in one of the most picturesque surroundings possible. Many brought cameras so that they could capture the moment.

The Diamond Fuji moment is one of two calendar events that are particularly worth heading to Mount Fuji for - the other being the Pearl Fuji. This is a similar natural phenomenon that sees the moon balancing precariously atop Mount Fuji's glorious peak, which similarly attracts many photographers.

Both occurrences only happen a couple of times a year, and to have them occur on a clear night or day is even rarer.

However, Mount Fuji is an incredible spectacle all year round, donning a white peak in the winter months that many photographers will also consider an appealing subject.

Those wishing to actually climb the mountain should wait until the summer months when it is safe and the appropriate facilities are open. Few people consider the climb in the colder months, when temperatures plunge and the paths are decidedly dangerous.

If you're staying in Tokyo, it is easily accessible from a number of train routes that are suitable for JR-Pass users.

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