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Friday, 4th April 2008
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Mount Fuji heralded as 'cure for depression'

A photographic view of Mount Fuji is sufficient to push away feelings of depression, it has been claimed.

Also known as Fuji-san, the mood-elevating status of this iconic symbol of Japan has been promoted in the magazine Sokai and is the idea of Rocky Tanaka, a photographer who has been taking snaps of this famous landmark for some time.

Officially Japan's tallest mountain, Fuji-san climbs to a total height of 3,776 metres.

"I'd say there probably are some positive effects. Seeing a photo of the afternoon sun near Mount Fuji is likely to produce a substance called acetylcholine which leaves the viewer feeling relaxed," said Dr Toshiaki Goto, in an interview with Asahi Geino.

Dr Goto added that the beneficial effects of Mount Fuji would be more pronounced when faced with a real-life view of Fuji-san.

Now a dormant volcano, Mount Fuji last erupted in 1708.

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