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Tuesday, 22nd December 2015
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Kobe beef and Yubari melons become protected brands

The two latest food items to be given protected brand status by the Japanese government are Kobe beef and Yubari melons.

Such special protection means they are considered regional specialities, which can help with branding and sales.

From now onwards, consumers will start to spot labels on the food items to show their provenance under the geographical indication system, reports the Bangkok Post.

Kobe beef comes from the Tajima strain of Wagyu cows and is characterised by its fatty, marbled texture, making it particularly flavourful and tender.

Yubari melons or Yubari Kings, as they are officially known, are the result of cross breeding between a spicy cantaloupe and an earl’s favourite.

This has led to a vivid orange flesh and distinctive taste, which is highly prized in Japan.

The beef and melons were not the only foodstuffs to be added to the list today (December 22nd), with seven new items being given the designation.

Along with Kobe beef from Hyogo Prefecture and Yubari melons from Hokkaido, Tajima beef from Hyogo, Edosaki pumpkins from Ibaraki Prefecture and Aomori cassis from Aomori Prefecture also made the grade.

Yame dento hon gyokuro or green tea from Fukuoka Prefecture and Kagoshima no Tsubozukuri kurozu, a type of black vinegar from Kagoshima Prefecture were the final items on the list.

It almost reads like a bucket list itinerary for foodies visiting Japan who wish to experience the best culinary delights the country has to offer.

Until these most recent items were added, all of the things on the list were alcoholic beverages.

The government received around 50 applications for foods to be added to the list and after careful consideration the seven in question were chosen.

It has set up a penalty system to be enforced upon anyone seen using the designated product labelling without the status having been applied.