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Monday, 28th September 2015
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Kit Kat croissants taking Japan by storm

Japan has long boasted a selection of Kit Kat varieties greater than anywhere else on the planet, but the country is now offering another way to eat the chocolate biscuits.

Kit Kat croissants have gone on sale at Pronto coffeehouses and are proving to be a hit with locals and visitors alike.

Connoisseurs of the chocolate bar can choose to have two milk chocolate Kit Kats or a duo of matcha green tea flavoured snacks cooked inside a croissant.

They retail at 170 yen (92p) each and are being touted as limited edition offerings, so Kit Kat fans will need to get in fast if they wish to sample the treats.

There are two ways to enjoy the Kit Kat croissant, either cold and crunchy or warm and melted, with staff happy to heat the delicacy up for those who prefer the latter.

Kit Kat croissants are available at Pronto stores between 7am and 5.30pm daily and can be found throughout Japan.

These coffee shops are particularly popular, as they serve many functions, changing into a bar serving alcohol in the evenings.

For those more interested in the Kit Kat than the croissant, there are lots of unusual flavours to try while travelling to Japan.

These include pear, edamame soybean, hot chilli and blueberry cheesecake, but matcha green tea is by far the most popular with locals.

Kit Kat is not the only brand to release special edition flavours in Japan, with the ice cream company Ben & Jerry's producing some distinctive alternatives for the country.

It recently released Lemont Fuji playing with the name of Japan's most famous landmark, Mount Fuji, in conjunction with the lemony flavour.