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Friday, 18th September 2015
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Ben & Jerry's releases Japan exclusive ice cream flavour

The American ice cream firm Ben & Jerry's has been slowly increasing its fanbase in Japan and has created a new flavour exclusively for the country's market.

Lemont Fuji is the latest in the company's long line of pun inspired names, with the moniker coming from a mash up of lemon and Mount Fuji, Japan's most famous landmark.

While this does not necessarily come across at first sight, once explained the influences become clear.

Earlier this month (September 12th), the new flavour was released at Ben & Jerry's stores across Japan, with early reception appearing positive.

Lemont Fuji uses using lemons grown on the Setouchi islands in the Seto Inland Sea of Hiroshima Prefecture as its base.

Added to this are Fuji apples, famously produced in Aomori Prefecture’s Fujisaki city, and chunks of cinnamon cookie to give the ice cream some characteristic Ben & Jerry's texture.

Prices for the frozen treat start at 380 yen (£2) for a small serving, but can be upgraded to a waffle cone for 680 yen.

Ben & Jerry's has had a consistent presence in Japan since 2012, after an earlier foray into the country in 1997 lasted for just a couple of months.

Its flagship Scoop Shop store in Tokyo is run by what the brand calls flavour gurus, who create unique recipes that cannot be found anywhere else.

This means that maccha green tea with caramelised pecans; passion fruit with pineapple chunks and raspberry swirl; and purple sweet potato with sweet potato chunks can only be bought in Japan.

Such flavours give an insight into the culinary character of Japan and the types of ingredients visitors can expect to encounter on a trip to the country.

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