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Friday, 25th September 2015
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Surfing Magazine recommends Japan as a destination

There are lots of activities to enjoy when travelling to Japan, but surfing may not be the first to come to mind.

Those interested in the sport can be heartened however, as Surfing Magazine has recommended the country as a great destination for catching a few waves in a recent blog post.

While it is important to stay safe, the publication notes that typhoon season, which is currently underway in Japan, can mean wonderful conditions for surfers.

Jake Tellcamp, contributor to Surfing Magazine, said: "With another swell set to saunter in sometime in the next few days, the time is now to get yourself a plane ticket and say sayonara to your friends and family."

Japan's top surf spots

So if you are convinced that a trip to Japan to go surfing is right up your street, here are some of the places you may wish to include on your itinerary.

Chiba - widely considered the best surfing in Japan, Chiba is located around 40 kilometres from Tokyo has some of the most consistent conditions in the entire country.

Shonan - further south of Chiba is Shonan, which offers smaller beachbreaks, but lots of fun, with the opportunity to try various different sites from Enoshima all the way up to Kamakura.

Shizuoka - the laidback atmosphere of this beachside city appeals to many surfers and offers some quality waves during typhoon season, when the sea experiences more swell.

Ibaraki - perfect for longboarders and those shortboarders happy to wait for their waves to arrive, this part of the coast also includes Onuki, which is a good spot to initiate surfing beginners.

Sendai - up in the north of Japan, Sendai has been welcoming surfers for years and offers some great surf breaks, so is worth considering when planning a visit.

Away from the beach

Surfing Magazine also highlights the wealth of things to do in Japan when the waves go flat, from eating sushi and visiting the sites to going shopping and enjoying the unique culture.

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