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Friday, 21st August 2015
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Japanese singer-songwriter to perform all night at foot of Mount Fuji

A popular singer-songwriter is to spend an entire night entertaining fans at the foot of one of Japan's most iconic mountains.

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi will bring his high-energy show to Mount Fuji tomorrow (August 22nd) night to the delight of his many followers.

It will not be the first time that the performer, who has had hits with songs including Kanpai (Cheers), Tonbo (Dragonfly) and Gekiai (Intense Love), will play through the night.

In August 2004 he delighted some 75,000 music-lovers who had congregated in his home town of Kagoshima, with an all-night concert.

The Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi All Night Live 2015 at the foot of Mt Fuji event will be held on the Shizuoka Prefecture side of the mountain.

Nagabuchi told Japan Today: "I've been once again inspired, and wish to rock and shout the night away with my fans. I just really feel like I want to share my absolute love for living and music with everyone once again."

He added that there will be no stopping until everyone sees the sun rising the following morning.

Shuttle buses are being laid on from various locations to transport the audience directly to the venue.

This is because there is an area with a ten-kilometre radius around Mount Fuji that is a restricted zone and private vehicles are not permitted to drive in it.

Despite not being scheduled to start until 9pm, gates to the event will open at 11am and it is likely the most dedicated of fans will arrive at this time.

Having sold 20 million records worldwide, Nagabuchi is undoubtedly popular as a musician. His career has also seen him appear in a number of films and TV dramas.

He launched his career in the 1970s and has steadily built up a fanbase ever since, meaning his concert on Saturday night is likely to be well attended.

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