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Tuesday, 24th February 2015
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Central Japan Airport to offer free app

Foreign tourists entering Japan through Central Japan Airport may want to make use of a free smartphone application provided by the transport hub that aims to make the experience of visiting the country more simple.

The software, called Navigate Shoryudo, has been developed jointly with the Recruit Lifestyle Company and Toyota Mapmaster, and is set to be available free of charge from an as yet unspecified date in March.

Plans for the app include displaying sightseeing information for the Aichi Prefecture, where the airport is based, as well as other parts of the Chubu central region. Opening hours, recommended tour routes and instructions for how to get to certain tourist attractions are among the features likely to be included.

A list of recommended restaurants, including prices for their meals, is also among the functionality that Central Japan Airport hopes to make available.

The transport hub is even aiming to make the application available in several languages, with English, Chinese and Korean versions to be created.

Visitors to the Aichi Prefecture will no doubt want to experience the prefectural capital Nagoya, the fourth largest city in the country and represents a great opportunity to explore Japanese history and culture.

In particular, Nagoya's castle and the former castle town of Inuyama located just north of the city are well worth a visit.

Nagoya is also a well-placed destination for those who want to continue their holiday in another major Japanese city, with Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto being only a short bullet train ride away.

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