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Tuesday, 17th June 2008
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Hydrogen-fuel car rolls off production line in Japan

Honda's first three hydrogen fuel-cell cars have rolled off the production line in Japan, it has been reported.

The FCX Clarity, which emits not carbon but water - could soon rival the Toyota Prius as the eco-friendly car of choice for green motorists.

Over the next three years, around 200 of the cars are expected to be manufactured, with drivers in the US and Japan able to lease them for around £290 a month, according to the Scotsman.

Honda is hopeful that mass production of the Clarity will be possible in the future, though they have yet to say how much it will cost.

John Kingston, the environment manager of Honda (UK) said the arrival of the car was particularly significant given the high cost of oil.

"Honda is proud to offer an alternative energy solution that could reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the effect of motoring on climate change."

The LA Times reports that Oscar-winning writer and director Paul Haggis - who owns four Toyota Priuses - is keen to own a Clarity.

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