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Wednesday, 16th July 2008
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Nissan unveils pioneering hydrogen car

Japanese motor manufacturer Nissan has unveiled a revolutionary car that emits just a few drops of water rather than carbon dioxide.

Unveiled at Imperial College London, the X-Trail is the result of Fuel Cell Vehicle programme that began in 1996 and is believed to be the most advanced example of such a vehicle, reports

The X-Trail managed to reach speeds of 93 miles per hour and is capable of carrying five passengers and luggage.

On test runs through the capital, drivers said that the car ran almost silently due to the fact that electricity was being produced from hydrogen, rather than petrol in a noisy engine.

It may be some time before the vehicle is available to the general public. A spokesman for Nissan said: "The cost of the system is still too high for mass production."

Fellow Japanese automobile giant Honda recently announced it is to manufacture its own hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity, reports the Register.

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