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Tuesday, 1st July 2008
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Security tightened in Japan ahead of G8 summit

Security checks have been tightened at a Japanese airport ahead of a summit of G8 leaders in Hokkaido.

Passengers at Narita airport, along with a number of other international airports, are likely to experience more stringent passport checks, according to Japan Today.

In Sapporo, where the foreign delegations are scheduled to stay overnight, police security has also been tightened. Police dogs are also to scour the area around the summit venue at the Windsor Hotel Toya in the town of Toyako.
Additional security cameras have been installed throughout Hokkaido, along the municipal subway network and water distribution facilities.

The G8 leaders are meeting in Japan to discuss pressing issues such as the state of the world economy, environmental concerns and African development. Japan has also proposed the Cool Earth Promotion Programme which aims to reduce global carbon emissions and promote innovative eco technology.

Yasuo Fukuda, the prime minister of Japan, commented: "I look forward to welcoming world leaders to Toyako, an area rich of natural beauty, and having fruitful discussions that pave the way to a better world."

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