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Thursday, 10th July 2008
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Osaka lawmakers agree salary cut

Lawmakers in the Osaka prefecture have agreed to cut assembly members' salaries by 15 per cent starting from next month.

Members of the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito, Japan's third largest party, reached an agreement which would see a reduction in the wages and research expense allowances of lawmakers.

Currently, assembly members receive a monthly salary of 930,000 yen - which will be cut to 790,500 - and a monthly research allowance of 590,000 yen - which will be reduced to 472,000 yen.

The Liberal Democratic Party has called for a cut of 20 per cent, whilemembers of the Democratic Party of Japan, New Komeito and the Japanese Communist Part, all demanded a reduction of ten per cent.

In total, an estimated 422 million is expected to be saved as a result of the measure, reports the Daily Yomiuri Online.

The reform will now be voted on by the assembly and is expected to be approved.

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