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Wednesday, 9th July 2008
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Japanese companies developing plant-based products

A number of companies in Japan are making big strides when it comes to the development of environmentally friendly products.

Stationery manufacturer Kokuyo, based in Osaka, is among the firms using plants grown near Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture to make their products, reports the Daily Yomiuri.

Meanwhile, foodstuffs company Acecook has developed an easily compostable instant noodle container made from corn. The company markets its products under the slogan "containers that will return to nature".

Tent-maker Taiyo Kogyo has developed a fabric made from the fibres of a hibiscus plant called kenaf. The plant, which many believe will help to slow down deforestation, could also be use as a possible alternative to wood pulp in the production of paper.

Japan has used the G8 summit meeting, which is being held in the country, to display its eco-friendly credentials. Included in a press kit given to journalists was a solar-powered wristwatch.