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Thursday, 6th September 2012
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Toyota develops device for generating driver habits into video games

Japanese carmaker Toyota has come up with a new device for translating real-life driving habits into virtual-reality video games.

The company has teamed up with vehicle components manufacturer Denso to deploy the CAN-Gateway ECU across its "86" sports car by the end of 2013.

In a move to help drivers improve their performance, the technology will gauge pedal use, gear shifts and brake presses.

This can then be generated onto a smartphone app for viewing and is also compatible with game software from Sony subsidiary Polyphone Digital - the name behind Gran Turismo.

According to PC Advisor, Toyota has said the technology, already in use among mechanics and technicians, will eventually be available to third-party game developers.

Spokesman Dion Corbett was quoted as saying: "Other people will be able to look at your performance and say, 'You took the corner too early, you should have taken this kind of line on that course'."

Posted by Graham McPherson

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