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Wednesday, 29th September 2010
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Toyota to enter Japan's small car market

Toyota has confirmed that it is planning to join forces with Daihatsu to compete in Japan's mini car market.

Starting in autumn 2011, Daihatsu will supply Toyota with three different models. Annual sales of the new vehicles are expected to reach around 60,000 units.

The new small motors will be Toyota-branded and represent the car maker's decision to expand its international product line. Daihatsu will also benefit from the new deal as it will help to increase its yearly production output.

"The mini vehicle market has been expanding recently and more of our customers have been asking for them," explained Toyota executive vice president Yoichiro Ichimaru, reports AP. 

Japanese motorists have increased demand for cars with engines smaller than 660cc, especially as they tend to have lower running costs, use less petrol and qualify for cheaper road tax.

Toyota has been involved in car making since 1935, when it first launched the Toyota G1 truck.

Written by Mark Smith. 

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