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Wednesday, 9th May 2012
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Ice bra unveiled in Japan

A bra made to contain ice packs has been unveiled in Japan as a novel way of keeping women cool during the summer months.

Triumph Japan announced the new product at a launch in Tokyo, with two models showing off the new bras.

The Super Cool Bra designs feature ice packs that are fitted within the cups, which the makers say will help to keep the wearer cool.

Filled with gel, the bras will still remain soft and supple even though they are frozen.

To help create a calming feeling, the bras also have a spring of mint attached to the front to create a pleasant smell, while a small wind chime has been added to create an attractive noise when the wearer moves about.

The company stated the bra was developed as a way of finding ways to conserve energy during the hottest months of the year.

The temperature in Japan during the summer can climb very high, with the average temperature in Tokyo going as high as 27 degrees C, while in the city of Kagoshima to the south of Kyushu it can climb up to an average of 32 degrees C.

The high levels of humidity can also leave many people feeling the weather is hotter than the temperature indicates.

The country has recently decommissioned all of its nuclear reactors and as a result of the need to conserve energy it has called on all workplaces to once again adopt the Cool Biz style of working, which sees men being asked to not wear a jacket and tie in the office, as these can make them feel too warm and want to turn up the air conditioning.

While the product could attract the attention of many women, it is likely that the product is simply a publicity stunt, as the company often released details of unusual underwear that will not be released for sale.

Written by Graham McPherson

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