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Thursday, 26th May 2011
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Sumo association promotes 13 wrestlers to Juryo division

A postwar record of 13 wrestlers have been promoted to the Juryo division of sumo wrestling, including two who posted losing records at the recent spring test meet.

The Japan Sumo Association (JSA) made the announcement ahead of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, which will take place in July, Kyodo News reports.

This drastic move was made necessary after 17 top wrestlers were forced to retire after a match-fixing scandal came to light in February.

The total number of wrestlers in the second division has been reduced by four, but despite this, Mongolians Arawashi and Kakizoe both received promotion, despite losing 3-4 in their respective May Technical Examinations.

According to the JSA, this is the first time in the modern sumo era that a losing wrestler has been promoted.

Professional sumo wrestling is divided into six divisions, with Makuuchi being the highest, followed by Juryo, Makushita, Sandanme, Jonidan and Jonokuchi.

Written by Mark Smith

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