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Thursday, 26th May 2011
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Trains and hospitals to be spared electricity cuts

This summer's electricity reduction programme will have a smaller impact on Japan's trains and hospitals, the government has announced.

In order to help the limited energy infrastructure cope with the summer's demands, mandatory 15 per cent power savings are being enforced on all contract customers using 500 kw during peak hours, Kyodo News reports.

However, it has been decided that hospitals, trains and other facilities considered key to economic and social activities will be exempt from this ruling.

This limit will come into place from 9am to 8pm on weekdays until September 22nd in all areas served by Tepco energy, while the Tohoku Electric region will be limited until September 9th.

Certain key facilities will face reductions of zero to ten per cent, the government said, using powers afforded to it during the 1974 oil crisis.

While small-lot customers and households will not be forced to reduce their power consumption, they are being encouraged to do so voluntarily.

Written by Kimberley Homer

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