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Thursday, 17th March 2011
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Blood donations rise after quake

The Japanese people have rushed to donate blood in the aftermath of the Sendai earthquake, it has been reported.

Red Cross blood donation centres have seen a 17 per cent nationwide rise in donors in just one week, as residents in unaffected areas look to help those hit hardest by the natural disaster.

A total of 2,284 people turned up to blood donation centres on Sunday (March 13th), leading to a 44 per cent surplus.

In regions not affected by the quake, such as Fukuoka, donor numbers are at double the levels seen before the relief and rescue effort began.

Fukuoka branch spokesman Koichi Sato told Japan Times: "People seem to feel the need to do something to help quake victims."

Blood donors were even being turned away on Wednesday, as the Red Cross advised them to come back several days later, when the need for blood will be renewed.

Red blood cells can be kept for up to three weeks, but platelets can deteriorate in just four days. In Japan, donors are allowed to give blood once every 14-16 days, depending on their health.

Written by Susan Ballion