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Thursday, 3rd March 2011
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Mobile phone ban in Japanese exams suggested

Japan's government are calling for universities to introduce a ban on mobile phones in entrance exams to combat cheating.

The move follows a recent incident where exam questions were posted on an internet forum while students were taking the Kyoto University entrance test. Authorities have now begun a criminal investigation into the matter to find out who was responsible for the leak.

In total, eight questions were posted on the Yahoo Japan forum with users providing suggested answers.

Detectives have now requested that Yahoo Japan provide the IP addresses of the poster so that they can track down the culprit and their mobile phone.

Kansei Nakano, chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, explained that the incident could be interpreted as an obstruction of business under the Penal Code.

He added: "This reflects the present time. It is a very grave problem and should not have happened."

Written by Mark Smith.

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