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Friday, 5th December 2008
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Ban mobiles in schools, minister says

A Japanese government official has called for mobile phones to be banned in public schools, claiming they they result in the loss of humanity among those who use them.

Junio Hatyama, the minister for internal affairs and communication, has jurisdiction over mobile phone service providers in Japan and made his comments during a press conference.

He said: "People heavily dependent on cell phone emails would lose conversation capabilities. It's no doubt true that cell phones have an aspect that could lead to a loss of humanity on the part of their users."

On December 4th, the chief cabinet secretary Takeo Kawamura commented: "A total ban would be fine."

Education minister Ryu Shinoya also told a news conference that he supports Mr Hashimoto's appeal for a mobile phone ban in schools.

Recently, mobile phone manufacturer Nokia pulled almost entirely out of the Japanese market, except for luxury handset models.

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