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Thursday, 16th December 2010
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Scientist discovers rare Japanese fish

A scientist has claimed to have discovered a Japanese salmon that is believed to have been extinct for seven decades.

Tetsuji Nakabo, a professor at Kyoto University, claims that his researchers have found a number of black kokanee or 'kunimasu' fish living in Lake Saiko.

The fish was thought to have died out after a hydroelectric project increased acid levels in their habitat in northern Akita Prefecture. At the time, thousands of eggs were relocated to Lake Saiko but there was no evidence of successful hatching.

Lake Saiko is one of the Fuji Five Lakes which are situated at the base of Mount Fuji.

"I was really surprised. This is a very interesting fish- it's a treasure. We have to protect it and not let it disappear again," said Mr Nakabo.

He added that a large number of kunimasu have been discovered in the lake and it should be relatively easy to protect the fish as long as the current lake conditions remain.

Written by Kimberly Homer.

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