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Thursday, 16th December 2010
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Tokyo restricts sale of manga comics

A new bill could be introduced to control the sale of certain manga comics and films within the city of Tokyo.

The capital's metropolitan government has temporarily introduced the bill that allows the sale of items that show rape, incest or other sexual crimes only to those aged over 18 years of age. In addition, the new restriction calls on the industry to introduce self-regulations to ensure the conditions are met.

Tokyo's governor Shintaro Ishihara has been involved in a long campaign to restrict the content of manga material and has faced opposition from within the industry.

So far, ten major comic publishers have protested against the bill's introduction and are planning to boycott the industry's Tokyo International Anime Fair next year. The event is scheduled to begin on March 23rd at the Tokyo Big Sight venue.

A vote will be held next week by the Tokyo metropolitan assembly to make the bill final and is likely to receive the backing of the Democratic Party and the Liberal Democrats.

Written by Susan Ballion.

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