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Thursday, 27th November 2008
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Wii sales top 7m in Japan

Sales of the popular Nintendo Wii computer console in Japan have exceeded the seven million mark, new figures released yesterday (November 26th) show.

As of November 23rd, figures from magazine publisher Enterbrain show that Nintendo has officially sold 7,024,239 Wii units since the console was launched in December 2006.

In comparison, Sony's Playstation 3 has sold 2,469,448 unites since it was launched in November 2006, while Microsoft has sold 793,105 Xbox 360s since December 2005.

Nintendo is currently working on launching Wii Music which allows players to play the part of band members, reports AFP.

Gaming expert Greg Howson writes in his Guardian blog that it is no surprise that many Wii games are reduced in price at a faster rate than there Xbox and 360 counterparts.

He commented: "I'm all for expanding the market but will Party Game Horse Quiz vol 4 really appeal to the mass of Wii owners more than happy with Wii Sports, Play and Fit?"

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