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Monday, 11th October 2010
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Yakuza banned in Hyogo

Members of the Yakuza have been banned from starting businesses and buying property in certain areas of the Hyogo Prefecture.

The area in the Kansai region has taken the step after growing concerns about the increasing influence of the illegal organisation, reports the Japan Times.

The Hyogo Prefectural Assembly voted in the new ruling after it was discovered around 30 second homes in Kobe are owned by Yakuza members.

Coming in to force in April, the ban will mean that the creation of businesses or homes in a residential area within 200 metres of a school by those related to the Yakuza will not be allowed. Anyone discovered violating the legislation could face up to a year in prison or a substantial fine.

Other areas of Japan, including Ehime, Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki and Kagoshima, have introduced similar legislation in a bid to reduce local criminal activity.

Last month, the Tokyo Metropolitan police confirmed its work with Japanese construction firms to prevent Yakuza businesses from being involved with major building works in the capital city.

Written by Mark Smith.