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Friday, 8th October 2010
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Ozawa refuses to resign

The former secretary general and leader of the Democratic Party of Japan has confirmed that he has no plans to leave the party.

Ichiro Ozawa has faced calls from a number of opposition and fellow party members to step down ahead of his trial into alleged political fund fraud.

The politician is facing charges concerning the actions of his political fund management organisation Rikuzankai. So far, three ex-aides of Mr Ozawa have been charged with falsifying records connected to the purchase of a plot of Tokyo land. It is alleged that such pieces of land were in fact unreported donations.

Mr Ozawa believes the trial will find him not guilty and is willing to appear before the Diet to explain the situation.

He added "I will follow any decision the Diet will make."

According to a poll by the Yomiuri Shimbun, public support for Japan's government has declined by 13 per cent to 53 per cent over the past month, reports Xinhua.

Written by Mark Smith.